About us

After five years of people traveling from all over the country to treat themselves at our Leela Yoga studio boutique, we decided to take our shop to the next level and bring all our Leela yogis’ favorite yoga - and lifestyle brands online so that you can shop the magic from our store right there in your living room!

Our online store truly carries every gem a modern yogi needs. Want to look good on, as well as off, the mat? We’ve got ya sister! Looking for a new yoga mat, the reason being your old one is completely worn out, or you are in the need of your first yoga mat ever? We've got plenty for you to choose from! Yoga clothes, -mats, -blocks, -bolsters, -straps, -bags, -books, -planners and meditation pillows, we have it all! Or maybe you have your eyes on that oh so cute yoga jewelry, a new Tarot deck, some Angel Cards or a bundle of Sage? Still the right place!

We are proud to say our online store carries some of the world’s most popular and well-known yoga and lifestyle brands, as well as smaller and more unknown suppliers we have picked up on traveling the world. We hope you will love them as much as we do!

But enough said, we hereby proudly present to you our online store. May it be the perfect mix of well-known and unknown. Enjoy!