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Happiness Planner - 3mnd

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The Happiness Planner is a planner & journal designed to help you live a happier and more fulfilled life by embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.

While using The Happiness Planner, you will be encouraged to:

Set goals that will maximize your happiness level.
Practice self-reflection so that you understand yourself better.
Plan your life around things that truly matter.
Start each day with an exciting and inspiring thought.
End each day with gratitude.
Cut out things that hold you back.
Train your mind to always look at the positive side of things.
Learn to master the art of resilience.
Strengthen relationships with your loved ones.
Spend more time and money on things that truly make you happy
Eat healthy and exercise regularly

2016/7 or 2017/8 Calendar Overview
Weekly Overview/Plan
Weekly Reflection
100-Day Daily Pages
Daily Inspirational Quotes
Daily Focus & Goal Setting
Daily Notes & To-Dos
Daily Exercise and Meal Plans
Daily Reflection, Gratitude Log, and Positive Affirmations
100-Day Reflection

Please note that quotes and inspiring words may vary from one book to another as we print a few editions throughout the year. Nonetheless, the core content is the same. :)